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Congratulations to Jay Stachowicz!

Marine ecologist and EERREC faculty mentor Jay Stachowicz has received the 2023 UC Davis Prize for Undergraduate Teaching and Scholarly Achievement!

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Congratulations to Jay from your colleagues and students. We are thrilled that your myriad wonderfulnesses have been recognized by the university.

Kudos to our faculty!

We're thrilled to announce that the 2023 cohort of Sloan Research Fellows includes Professor Kate Laskowski. The Sloan Research Fellowship, a prestigious award given by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, recognizes early-career scientific researchers seen as emerging leaders in their fields.

Killifish in The Conversation

UC Davis environmental toxicologist Andrew Whitehead recently was interviewed by The Conversation Weekly. The podcast described three case studies, including Andrew's work, that demonstrate how humans can drive rapid evolution in natural systems. Andrew's research documents populations of killifish that thrive in polluted estuaries. But rather than a source of optimism, Andrew describes this as a "cautionary tale."

Ancient selection affects seagrasses today

Jay Stachowicz' research recently was featured by the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences. Stachowicz is part of a global network that studies seagrasses and the organisms that live in coastal seagrass beds. They found that genetics influences on seagrasses dating back to Pleistocene glaciation have influenced the genetic diversity, size, and community structure of seagrasses even more than current conditions. 

Welcome to the 2022 Cohort of EERREC scholars

It's summertime!

Summer in Davis brings sunflowers in bloom and the arrival of the EERREC 2022 Cohort. They've gotten settled in campus housing, reacquainted themselves with bikes, and are becoming part of their lab and campus community.

Check out our Scholars page to learn more about them -- you can search using "2022" in the Position box. We'll add more info in the weeks to come.