Scholar News

Davis to DC

Luke Sparreo, Daisy Lewis, and Aadia Moseley McCloud, all members of the 2022 EERREC cohort, recently reconnected in Washington DC.

Welcome to the 2022 Cohort of EERREC scholars

It's summertime!

Summer in Davis brings sunflowers in bloom and the arrival of the EERREC 2022 Cohort. They've gotten settled in campus housing, reacquainted themselves with bikes, and are becoming part of their lab and campus community.

Check out our Scholars page to learn more about them -- you can search using "2022" in the Position box. We'll add more info in the weeks to come.

2021 cohort updates!

We recently caught up with scholars from our 2021 cohort.

They're off and running -- to grad programs in the fall, summer research or policy internships, and continuing to grow as scholars and citizens of the world. We are tremendously proud of them. Check out our Scholars page for details!

Microbiome analysis of social carpenter bees

Rachel Vannette and members of her lab, including 2021 cohort member Michael Yu, used 16S sequencing to determine that the social carpenter bees Xylocopa sonorina and Xylocopa tabaniformis orpifex share microflora species in their crop and gut, but also host microbiomes that vary by species and geographic location. Further, their results suggest that the microbiomes of bee species with simple social groups can have characteristics typically associated with bees that have more complex social structures.